I am a project coordinator with a passion for exposing people to new experiences.

Some of my favorite things include craft beer, tech, live events, and music. Most of the things I do revolve around that universe.

One time we threw a show in an abandoned art gallery - and didn't get in trouble. Now, I'm building an interactive soundboard of my favorite rapper. You will get a chance to play with it soon.

Turn curiosity into reality.

I think best while cross-legged and eating Wheat Thins with string cheese. Maybe it's the key to tapping into the child-like creative brain. Or maybe I should pick new study habits.

The point is, I know what works to turn brainstorming into action.  Thus spawned the creative direction behind my roommate's Mallone's Own Beer.

Connecting like-minded people to create something new.

If I'm not the guy to do it, I'll find the people who are. Surrounded by a creative posse, anything is possible.

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