Project Coordination

Some of my favorite things include craft beer, tech, live events, and music. Most of the things I do revolve around that universe.

One time we threw a show in an abandoned art gallery - and didn't get in trouble. Now, I'm building an interactive soundboard of my favorite rapper. You will get a chance to play with it soon.

Turn curiosity into reality.

I think best while cross-legged and eating Wheat Thins with string cheese. Maybe it's the key to tapping into the child-like creative brain. Or maybe I should pick new study habits.

The point is, I know what works to turn brainstorming into action.  Thus spawned the creative direction behind my roommate's Mallone's Own Beer.

Connecting the Dots

If I'm not the guy to do it, I'll find the people who are. I believe there is a healthy balance between like-minded and different-minded people. When they are all on the same page, anything is possible.

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